Our Homie, Tim Williams, takes home 3rd place at Vans’ Am Slam!

19 05 2010

Chris Cole, Greg Lutzka, Tim Williams

Am Slam Event #1 went down on Saturday and the skating was insane from start to finish. Starting with the groms and ending with the pros, it was a day filled with big tricks and bigger names. All of our skate brands were there to support the event with tons of freebies, games and product previews as well. The local talent was out in groves for this event and the Pro/Am division was packed with over 40 participants. CBS Sports was out filming the college division, and thousands of spectators came out to watch it all go down throughout the entire day. But the story of the day was the $10,000 Pro Invitational with the dark horse Tim Williams coming in 3rd ($1500) Chris Cole coming in 2nd with an always solid performance ($2500) and Greg Lutzka killing it to take 1st with a big pay day of $6000!


AJ Burnett and Ross Norman skating Nashville,TN

11 05 2010

Skate Talk Live with Omar Salazar at 8pm (pacific time). Watch it at: www.ustream.tv/channel/skatetalk

6 01 2010

Benny Fairfax on Skate Talk.

12 11 2009

Watch it here:

Benny Fairfax

12 11 2009

Skatetalk Live! Tonite 8 p.m. pacific. Guest is Willy Santos. Watch it at www.ustream.tv/channel/skatetalk.

29 09 2009

Willy Santos’ Birdhouse Part

29 09 2009